Individual solutions for your company

Our customers come from a wide range of industry sectors.
This is an excerpt from our clients‘ line of business.

  • Automotive
  • Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing
  • High Tech
  • Medical Technology
  • Pharma / Healthcare
  • Logistics / Haulage

In today’s world production processes are globally interwoven and place high demands on logistics. Yet sometimes there are interruptions in the supply chain. We offer the fastest possible transport services to prevent a standstill and a downtime in production.

Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing

When missing crucial spare sparts and facing production downtime, every minute counts. The ensuing cost can be enormous. Trust our Premium-service. We work to prevent any interruption of your production process.

High Tech

We are highly experienced in transporting high-end technology. We provide adequately equipped
vehicles (two drivers, GPS, etc.)

Medical Technology

The availability of medical equipment is absolutely imperative. When facing emergencies you can draw on our premium service. In order to deliver an urgently needed spare part to the technician on-site. Or for the delivery of a replacement. Thus you can keep the closedown time to an absolute minimum and save cost.

Pharma/ Healthcare

Whether it is urgent research material or temperature-sensitive medical products. We provide temperature-controlled vehicles and guarantee careful handling of your products.

Logistics / Haulage

Our field of activity includes airfeeder-services for airlines and freight integrators as well as direct transports for hauliers and logistics service providers.